Monday, 28 March 2011

Getting down to business

Food in Ireland is something we should be proud of and For Food’s Sake is providing a well deserved platform to discuss Irish food. This blog will act as a middle man between the audience and the guest speakers at the For Food’s Sake event while also promoting discussion before and after the bi-monthly talks. Any questions or issues raised on the blog can be brought up for debate at the next For Food’s Sake event.

So we would like to hear from anyone interested in food for the next talk. Any suggestions for topics or guest speakers are welcomed. We would love to hear about interesting people who are doing wonderful things with food.

The blog will also provide profiles on the artisan producers at the event with all the juicy details about their products and what they do.  Producers will only be announced on the night of the event so if you miss the talk then you will have to wait till you see them here.

If there are any Irish producers who you feel are doing amazing things and are not getting the attention they deserve please feel free to inform us and we will try and feature them at a future tasting.

And for those unlucky souls who missed the talk (and the free food tastings) there will be regular updates on the blog about the topics discussed at the For Food’s Sake event  along with plenty of photos of all the lovely food, speakers and attendees.

We hope this blog will help promote Irish food and encourage enthusiastic discussion surrounding each event. Involvement is key for discussion so we look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. For any Twitter fans out there, lots of great material from the night at #forfoodsake / #forfoodssake – we'll try and coordinate the hashtags for next one!

    Also some discussions sparked on the Facebook page: and ForFoodsSakeIreland/

    Feel free to join in the conversation!