Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Come To Our Screening of Big Night on July 7th!

I'm sure some of you saw it coming when we asked you all on facebook what your favourite food film was. With easy access to the former cinema that is The Sugar Club and a fair amount of cooking experience behind us, we had to get you all together for dinner and a movie at some stage.

And while a lot of you seemed to show some serious love for flicks like "Eat Drink, Man Woman" and "Babette's Feast" there was definitely one clear favourite for your ultimate food film, the 1996 classic, "Big Night."


I for one was delighted with the fine choice you lot made. Make no mistake, I would have happily sat and watched any of the suggestions that were thrown at us, but the Italian food in Big Night has a very special place in my heart and I'm dying to see it featured on a big screen, especially as I'll be chomping down on it at the same time...

The first ten years of my life were spent in Jersey City, where for the last century or so there has always been a healthy supply of Neapolitan cuisine. I wasn't aware at the time, but the standard of it was actually excellent. In fact, I only became aware of how good it was, when we had to move to Ireland in the 80's and I had to endure horrible food crimes like cheddar cheese pizzas and spaghetti on toast. My father was still back in NJ and every year we would go visit him. Our first and last meal for each trip had to be pizza or pasta from any of the old reliables like Ilvento's on West Side Avenue (sadly no longer trading, in fact it's some kind of Korean Baptist Church now) or The Prince of Pizza on Journal Square.

As the years rolled on, our palettes appeared to mature somewhat and we grew to love clams in linguine and my Aunt Linda's angel hair pasta in puttanesca sauce. One very long summer college break ( Jaysus, I'd fucking kill for a two month holiday these days), I hung out in my cousin's gaff whose mother, my Aunt Thea, grew up in Little Italy. The day she taught me how to make a risotto is firmly embedded in my epicurean memory bank  - the toasting of the rice, the constant stirring, knowing just how much cheese to use, knowing just how much stock to use. I'll never forget it and I can't wait for the day when I can show my daughters these same tricks, especially as we named my eldest one after Aunt Thea.


So anyhoo, in case you don't know, not only will we be screening this great movie but we'll be making and serving some wicked risotto to go along with it, for just a fiver a bowl. Those who are lucky enough to have seen Big Night before will know how handy that will be, because as soon as the grub starts rolling out of that kitchen - you wanna eat some. Of course the bar will be open throughout with table service should you wish to imbibe. And if that weren't enough to tickle your fancy Joe Macken from Jo Burger will be on hand to make the seminal culinary dish from the film, Il Timpano which we will lovingly hand out to everyone afterwards.

Do come along and join us - it will quite literally be, a feast for all the senses. Oisin

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