Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Day 3 Eating Only Homegrown for Aisling

Showed my ignorance when I opened the bag of Macroom Oatmeal this morning and was surprised to see finely ground oats. I was expecting oats to-make-a-meal-from……(cue American accent)
So a new porridge experience altogether. Reminded me of Readybrek in a rush before school, but ten times tastier.

 Made those flapjacks – killbeggan oats, butter, honey, orchard syrup, fresh apple. They’re pretty much all eaten already.

Came home for lunch and Luca cooked us up a lovely ham and gubbeen cheese omelette. Still loving Deirdre's mixed leaves.

Stopped into Sheridans and Magills while running a few erands in town. Realised I havnt even began to touch on the wealth of amazing Irish cheeses we have. Picked up some black pudding which I’m looking forward to.

My slump today came when I met a friend for coffee – I don’t normally drink a lot of tea or coffee anyway, so no problem there. It was watching her eat a chocolate pastry twist thing that killed me. Trying to do this eat only irish absolutely 100% means no sugar. Some feckin idiot decided to close down the last sugar refinery in Ireland in 2008 and so now ALL our sugar is imported. Even if it says Suicra on the pack.

Essentially I’m on a diet. A wheat free, sugar free diet. And instead I’m putting butter on everything.  Buttered porridge for breakfast tomorrow? Sure why not. But like any normal person on a diet, you crave the bejaysus out of what you cant have. I’ve been substituting my sugar, so far successfully, with honey and orchard syrup, but I have to say I did get a bit depressed today.

....Until I came home from football (yes, I play ladyball on Wednesdays) and flatmate had whipped up some AMAZING fishcakes with last nights leftover mash. (Macroom oatmeal instead of breadcrumbs, Irish salmon) Dollop of thyme and chive yoghurt, which was so delisiously tangy that I could have sworn she put lemon in it. WINNING!


  1. Lunch and dinner made for you? Lovin' your work Ais!

  2. well now Oisin, skipping dinner altogether, and the wife cooking the next night? Good work yourself...