Friday, 13 May 2011

Day 4 Eating Irish for Aisling

Yoghurt with rhubarb and sprinkled flapjack for breakfast (Had to make a new batch of flapjacks)

My wholemeal flour finally came into the Co-op so I called in and picked up some fresh garlic, which had just come in, and some jeruslem artichokes as well. There was a plan to make bread for lunch…no time…right….pancake it is. 
'Coarse wholewheat pancake, this is never gonna work', I looked at the mixture of egg, milk and macroom flour which was resembling a redigested omelette. But we were really rushed for time and didn’t have any other options but to lash it into the pan and hope for the best. It almost went pear shaped when we tried to flip it over as it was crumbling all over the place, until Luca said to use a plate like you were flipping a fritatta. Done. Huzzah
Another great lunch: Macroom wholewheat pancake with leftover chicken, fresh garlic, amazing emmental cheese and cream cheese.

I called over to some friends in the evening. They have a fantastic garden, growing everything from herbs to beetroot and gooseberries and everything in between. Telling them what I was doing for the week they insisted on making an all irish soup: potato, parsnip and carrot with some fresh garlic on top.

On the way over I stopped into Lilliput Stores in Stoneybatter where Brendan had put aside three of their Irish Buffalo Mozzarella. Another friend also stocked me up with apples and strawberries from Limerick ten minutes later. These things are becoming such a treat. I feel like I'm living in wartime and the bananas have just arrived off the boat!

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