Friday, 13 May 2011

Day 5 Eating Only Irish for Aisling

Porridge again….dreaming about a big thick slice of brown bread with butter and jam but I just don’t have time to make any. 

Mozzarella – this is a great example of how capable we are of making so many things that have, until now, always been imported. We are capable of producing way more than we do, but the convenience and cheapness of imports always wins. This is exactly the same situation with Irish Sugar. It’s something that we CAN produce and have done in the past but now don’t, because its easier and cheaper to import.
Anyway, lunch was amazeballs: Buffalo Mozzarella coated in Macroom course wheatflour, on wilted chard, with a balsamic dressing.

I’ve just been informed that we’re having beef burgers for dinner. Unfortunately, the internet is down in my house and I’m writing this from the office and I want to go home and I wont be able to post anything from home and reeeeeally want to just not think about Irish food so I’m doing it now!!! 


  1. Hey Aisling, was great talking to you bout eating only Irish for a week. you've done a great job blogging about it. Think you right about the flour. The fact that it has "100% Irish" written on the bag and the line "It's milled in Ireland from 100% wheat" on their website got me, think I misread it. Good luck with your roast boar dinner it will be amazing! Aodhagan

  2. cheers Aodhagan
    sorry to have dashed your hopes with the flour there. Thanks for stopping by today. Nice to chat to someone else who's been on the bandwagon.

  3. Great blog, would love to see the recipe and method for the mozzerella

  4. really simple

    just cut the mozzarella ball into 4, coat each piece in egg and then cover them in the flour (I used a mix of macroom flour and oatmeal. normally you would just use breadcrumbs)
    shallow fry in rapeseed oil

    For the chard just get some really nice fresh picked chard, about 250g, throw em in a pot with a couple of knobs of butter and a TINY bit of water. Put the lid on over a really gentle heat until the leaves start to wilt (just a few minutes)

    ba boom